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Khidmat-e-Khalq (Social Services) Department


To provide maximum service to the poor, helpless and needy without any discrimination of race, religion or nationality. Khidmat-e-Khalq, or the social services department, is focused on internally helping one another in the Ahmadiyya Community, as well as external outreach to the surrounding communities. This is achieved through prayers, community service, donations, volunteer work and advocacy. Khidmat-e-Khalq, or social welfare, is an integral part of our worship. 

What's New In Khidmat-e-Khalq

“Feed the Hungry”

Zion Majlis

In Partnership with Humanity First USA

On Saturday, March 26, 2016 Zion Lajna hosted a mobile pantry free food distribution event at the Zion Mission House at 2103 Gabriel Avenue, Zion, Illinois in partnership with the Northern Illinois Food Bank.  The food give-away was sponsored by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Zion in partnership and funding provided by Humanity First, U.S.A.

In preparation, an event flyer was sent through email and text messages to individuals and community organizations that Lajna has developed ongoing relationships with, including the Zion Township and A Safe Place. ... [Read more]

Family Wellness Conference

On September 26, 2015 Lajna Imaillah of Milwaukee majilis hosted their first annual wellness  conference in partnership with Hephatha Lutheran Church. Fifteen Lajna members and 27 guests were present at the event. The event was sponsored by several organizations including local banks, a parenting network, interfaith organizations, health-based companies, etc. ... [Read more]

Camp Bismillah 2015 was held at the Zion Mission House from Wednesday, July 22nd through Friday, July 24th and concluded with a family picnic on Saturday, July 25th. There was also a food give away on Saturday for the community in collaboration with The Illinois Food Bank, making for a very busy day.

The camp was attended by 34 campers. This number includes 25 community girls and 9 Ahmadi girls. Of the 19 volunteers, 14 were Lajna and 5 Community Volunteers. The theme and continued focus of the camp was “Positive Attitude, Service & Success”. A lot of different activities were conducted by the community and local volunteers. ...[Read more]

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Khidmate Khalq Report Of LA Inland For October2014

 A group of 6 LA Inland Lajna members volunteered at a local event arranged by "Inland Empire United Way".

This was a part of Inland Empire United Way’s celebration of Make a Difference Day by gathering volunteers to give Monte Vista Elementary School in Montclair a much needed makeover...[Read more] 

Lajna Oshkosh hosted its annual ladies only iftar 

Ramadan Event Report 

LajnaIma’illah Oshkosh hosted its annual ladies only iftar on Friday, July 25th 2014.

 Invitations and Attendance:

Ramadan event flyers were distributed to Lajna contact list, as well as to personal contacts of individual lajna members. By Grace of Allah, we had about 27-30 guests attend the event... [Read more]

Dayton KK/ Ramzan Activity

By the immense Grace of Allah Almighty, Lajna Dayton Ohio was able to do the following KK activity in the month of Ramzan:
1. Lajna members were able to go twice to Ronald McDonald House of Charities and prepare a meal using their own supplies for 45 people the first time and 35 people the second time.
2. 24 fruit baskets were given to the neighbors of the Dayton Mosque as a neighborly gesture. They were also told about Ramzan.
3. 6 food baskets were given to a nearby housing community through a local agency.
4. 12 food baskets were given to  a men's shelter called Third Chance Ministry of Men.
5. Lajna members helped whole heartedly in a Jamaat project in which food baskets were given to about 60 people in the same housing community mentioned above.

 Every Mother Kit Drive
Khidmat-e-Khalq Project by Chicago NW Lajna

Every Mother Counts is an organization located in New York, that focuses on maternal health in Africa and other underdeveloped countries. This organization helps expectant moms with clean supplies needed for safe delivery and post-delivery times. ..[Read more]


 Oshkosh Lajna Blood Drive 2014

January is the national Blood Donor month.  Lajna Ima’ illah Oshkosh organized a blood drive with the help of Red Cross on 24th January 2014. Preparations started in advance distributing fliers to community members, contacting local schools. Information of the blood drive was put in community calendars. A letter to the editor was also written and published in the newspaper appealing to the community to support the drive. 7 Lajna members and a nasira helped the Red Cross staff in set up, helping at the registration desk, in the canteen area and then helping the staff in wrapping up the drive. Despite the cold weather we were able to collect 11 pints of blood, which can save about 33 lives, Mashallah.  Snacks and Pizza was served to donors.

Blood Drive at University of Maryland

Laurel Lajna organized a blood drive on December 4th, 2013 under the banner of Muslims for Life conducted by Red Cross. The blood drive took place at University of Maryland, College Park in Prince George's room of Adele Stamp Union.  By the Grace of Allah Almighty it went very well. The Laurel Lajna not only organized the blood drive but also volunteered at the blood drive and donated blood... [Read more]

Special Khidmate Khalq/Handicraft Report:

 Philadelphia Lajna Shares in Thanksgiving Spirit

November 2013

Philadelphia Lajna came together at one of their meetings in November to fill and nicely decorate Thanksgiving baskets for those less fortunate. This was really a group activity.  Our Handicraft Secretary purchased cardboard boxes and wrapping & construction paper.  The Lajna put the boxes together and filled the baskets with food that members donated.  Our Nasirat helped by decorating the baskets! ...[Read more]

Blood Drive Report Lajna Kansas City, KS – 2013

Alhamdolillah, this year once again our Lajna Kansas City was able to serve our community in an efficient manner by especially organizing and participating in the MFL.
The Muslims for Life campaign has brought a lot of attention to our very small group for the past two years now and, mashallah, this year we were also able to get a very positive and enthusiastic response from the community. We had four different blood drives all over the area, during the months of September through November...[
Read more]

The Food Bank was initiated by the Charlotte Jama’at in January 2012 and Lajna took over running it immediately. All Lajna members and their families take turns volunteering to help run the Food Bank. Local Lajna Sadr serves as President of the Food Bank and is always there to train Lajna members how to manage the shelves, fill the bags, as well as how to communicate with the people being served. A fixed, monthly schedule has been made for up to a year for volunteers; at least 2 to 3 Lajna and Nasirat members are always on hand to help local Sadr, including Lajna members with children under the age of 7... [Read more]

Research Triangle Lajna organized two successful blood drives:

On September 11 from 12pm-5pm at UNC Chapel Hill University 145 E Cameron Ave Chapel Hill, NC Lajna organized and participated in this drive from beginning to end. 6 Lajna  members volunteered.  

Alhumdolillah the blood drive went well considering there were many technical problems and failures with the blood mobile itself. 

We had 50 people registered and ended by collecting 37 units.  

150+ pamphlets, 1 Life of Muhammed (saw), 50-70 Muslims for Life t-shirts, 40 mugs, 20 pens and a few 'I love Muhammad' hats were handed out. Snacks water and drinks were also provided. 

On September 23 from 10am-2:30pm at Meridith Collage 3800 Hillsborough St Raleigh Lajna organized and participated in this drive from the beginning to the end as well. 5 Lajna and 1 Nasirat volunteered 

We had a great turn out for this blood drive and had a full sheet of appointments 52 people registered and we collected 41 units, MashaAllah. 

30+ fliers, 50 mugs, 50+ t- shirts, 30 pens, 30 'I love Muhammed' hats and 6 'Life of Muhammed' books were distributed. Snacks water and drinks were also provided.

Two Lajna members also volunteered in the Jama'at organized blood drive, which took place on September 6th and in which 28 pints were collected.

Detroit Lajna Ramadan Service Projects

Feed the Hungry Program:
By the grace of Allah, the Detroit Lajna collected cans and non-perishable food items over the month of Ramadan. The total donation amounted to 594 lbs. The food coordinator from Gleaner’s Food Bank was very pleased with the donations...[Read more]

Lajna LA East – Ramadhan 2013 Khidmat e Khalq Report

During the month of Ramadhan 2013, Alhamdolillah Lajna LA East was blessed to perform the following Khidmat e Khalq activities:

1) Food Drive Approximately 250 pounds of non-perishable canned and boxed food was collected.
2) Clothes and Miscellaneous Drive
3) The above items were donated on EID DAY to our adopted shelter for abused women, The House of Ruth, as well as to the Pomona Baptist Church. ..[
Read more]

Lajna of Queens, New York participated in volunteer service at the Queens Botanical Garden. Eight Lajna members volunteered to help clean up debris from the trees and walkways surrounding the Garden. ..[Read more

 Oklahoma Disaster Relief Donation Drive Held by Lajna Dallas

After the devastating tornado in May 2013 that ripped through Moore OK, Dallas lajna

members quickly mobilized themselves to provide whatever help and support they could…[Read more]

 Food donations given by Kentucky Majlis

Letter of appreciation: We want to take this opportunity to say Thank You for your generous act of compassion. Your recent contribution of 99 food items is greatly appreciated. Bethany House relies on

the support of the community in order to be able to provide services...[Read more]

Khidmat-e-Khalq activity at the Lajna Camp Ages 15-25 years

 (West Midwest Region)

The West Midwest region held its Lajna ages 15-25 Camp in Oshkosh, Wisconsin on June 1st and June 2nd, 2013. MashAllah the camp was a great success!

On both Saturday and Sunday the Lajna members were able to give back to the Oshkosh community by volunteering at local organizations. [Readmore]

Letter of appreciation to Kentucky Majalis 

'We want to take this opportunity to say Thank You for your generous act of compassion...' [Read more]

Khidmate Khalq presentations


Lajna Dallas worked for Humanity First

On October 21st, Dallas lajna members worked on and volunteered at a chaand raat fundraiser held by Humanity First. Work on the event began many months in advance and lajna volunteers worked tirelessly to organize the fundraiser.  Many made personal donations, collected goods and services from various businesses, made phone calls to potential vendors, decorated the venue, picked up supplies...[Read more]

 “Summary Report-Faith groups Working hand and hand”
Zion Lajna Ima’illah-USA

"And they feed, for the love of Him, the poor, the orphan and the prisoner; Assuring them: 'We feed you to win Allah's pleasure only.  We desire no reward, nor thanks from you'." - The Holy Quran, 76:9-10
The Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: "Feed the hungry, visit the sick and set free the captives." - Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 7, Hadith 552
Over the course of approximately two years of building a strong, loving relationship with a group of ladies at Wildwood Presbyterian Church located in Grayslake, Illinois, the Women’s auxiliary of Zion Ahmadiyya Muslim Community (Lajna) was invited to participate in their Food Pantry distribution which took place in the parking lot of the church on Saturday, December 1, 2012.  The air was cool, but the sun was shining and reflecting the spirits and smiles of the volunteers. [Read more]


Blood Drive Report

Fayetteville, AR 2012

The 2012 Annual “Muslims for Life” Blood Drive was held here in Fayetteville, AR on the 10th, 11th, and 12th of September. Like last year, we worked with the Community Blood Center of the Ozarks (CBCO) and we could not have carried this out without them. Al-Islam Students Association was proud to have hosted the blood drive in honor of 9/11 for the second year in a row.  [Read more]

Lajna Ima’illah, Boston Majlis initiates a Mosque Beautification Project.

On Sunday, September 16th, 2012 members of Lajna Ima’illah, Boston Chapter met at Bait- ul Nasr, their local mission house to clean the mosque. However what started out as routine cleaning, very quickly grew into a larger mosque beautification project. The day started with Lajna members scrubbing the bathrooms, and reorganizing the storage
cupboards, which lead on to a complete overhaul of the Nasirat room. [
Read more]

Muslim Speaker Keynotes - Domestic Violence Bike-a-Thon & Walk
Dr. Shanaz Tejani-Butt, keynote speaker

“We are here because we want to break the cycle of domestic violence,” she declared. “Eighty per cent of those who are denied their basic human rights, who are beaten, raped and killed, are women and children...Domestic violence is a silent killer, and if we want to break the cycle, we must first break the silence. We can no longer allow DV to be a private issue that occurs behind closed doors.”
Read more]


What a wonderful, courageous, high school student effort to organize Muslims for Life Blood Drive....may Allah bless her

GGPS sophomore Najia Humayun successfully coordinated the most recent blood drive on campus, asking students and faculty to donate blood in support of the second annual campaign by Muslims for Life, a national organization with a goal of 11,000 units for blood banks across the country. 

The organization, which seeks to express that “Islam values the sanctity of life,” is honoring the 11th anniversary of 9/11 and is partnering with the American Red Cross and America’s Blood Centers in reaching the goal by the end of the one-month drive.

Feed the Hungry Project in the US By Humanity First, USA

Camp Bismillah 2012

Camp Bismillah was held at the Zion Mission House/Mosque on 2012 July 11, 12, and 13 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and July 14, (Saturday) from 12:00 p.m. to 3: 00 p.m.
Lajna members right after their return from the US Jalsa Salana demonstrated their lajna pledge (I affirm that I shall be ready to sacrifice my life, property, time and children for the cause of my faith and the community…) by moving into immediate action; reviewing the plans for Camp Bismillah, taking time off work, household matters and school assignments, making purchases, contacting volunteers, cleaning and setting-up the mission house. [
Read more]


Community Service Work From RTNC Majlis:

UNC Horizons is a comprehensive substance abuse treatment program for pregnant women and mothers, and it is made up of two residential programs, an outpatient treatment center, and a perinatal program. Services for the children of the attending mothers are also available and are comprised of a licensed 5 Star Child Care Center, screenings and evaluations (medical, speech and language, occupational, developmental, and psychological), and individual and/or group therapy.


The Research Triangle Lajna donated a variety of items to benefit the women and children of this program, including clothing, diapers, body wash, loofahs, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, purses, toys, and approximately 20-30 women were served. Many of the women who receive treatment in the program are unemployed and receive their income through social service programs, like Work First, which is part of the Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF) cash assistance program in North Carolina.


The far reaching effects of addiction result in a number of detrimental impacts and losses to one's health, earned income, relationships with family and friends, and ability to self-care and care for others - particularly one's children. Donations are always welcome at UNC Horizons, and the women are always grateful for the opportunity to obtain items that might otherwise have to be budgeted for or procured at a later time in treatment.


We are going to try to continue contributing  to UNC Horizons,  NC, InshaAllah.

Presidential Volunteer Services Award

Presidential Volunteer Services Award is a prestigious civic awardgiven by the President of United States in recognizing individuals who are actively participating in Community Services.  

Volunteers need to register at and participate in community Services/programs by choosing any registered Organization. By the end of the year, registered Organization will submit a request to Presidential Services to award individuals based on categories (Gold, Silver and Bronze. they also have Life time achievement award) These categories are based on the total number of hours spent during a year in various community activities. 

The link once again is:  Our account is Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Silver Spring. MD 


Record Of Service Key is BZQ-34223. You can provide this record of service key to your volunteers for them to register your organization as their Certifying Organization. This will provide a direct link between your CO account and all of your volunteer's service records. 


Kishwar Tahir
National Khidmate Khalq Secretary

Lajna Ima'illah - USA