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Eid Gift

In 2002, Respected Ameer, Dr. Ahsan Zafar Sahib graciously approved a proposal that combines the aspects of Khidmat-e-Khalq with the "Tarbiyat" of our children.

The outline of the program and the implementation procedure is as follows:

The Lajna should institute a system of providing an "Eidi" or Eid gift to one needy country. Each year, approximately 2 months before Eid, each member should gather collections from their children to be sent to the chosen developing country. This aspect of the program allows us to help those in need.

The goals of this program are two-fold in that it would simultaneously help not only those children who are abroad but also our children who live here, by helping them to understand the blessings that they enjoy, and the importance of sharing those blessings with others.

All Lajna members should encourage their children to contribute money from their own funds as Eid gifts (money) for the Ahmadi children in another country. The amount to be given should be decided by the children themselves. The local Lajna finance secretary should issue each child with a receipt at the time that the money is collected. We pray that these humble gifts from our children to their children will add some more joy and comfort for these families, Insha Allah. May Allah reward our children’s efforts and sacrifice.