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The purpose of enhancing our national programs with activities specific to this group is to address the modern challenges facing our girls regarding moral training, motivation and inclusion with the goal of producing young adults who make a self-guided choice to be active in the Jamaat, demonstrate strength of character, and inculcate Islamic teachings and values into their lives on a regular basis.



What's New?

Al - Tarteel
:  An English program teaching the correct pronunciation of the Holy Qur'an.


4th Annual Lajna Ima’illah Regional Youth Camp West Midwest, 2012
“Choose Islam When Culture Disagrees”

The fourth annual West Midwest Regional Lajna Imaillah Youth Camp took place from Saturday, April 21st to Sunday April 22nd, 2012 at the Zion Mission House in the historical city of Zion, Illinois. The theme of this year’s Regional Youth Camp was “Choose Islam When Culture Disagrees”. The total attendance was 28 young Lajna present from Oshkosh, Milwaukee, Chicago West, Chicago East, and Zion... [Read more]

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The Physical Benefits of Salat:
According to a Hadith the Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) is reported to have said, inna fissalati shifa'a " verily there is cure in salat ". According to a Muslim scholar, as reported in monthly Urdu magazine, Tahazibul Akhlaq, Aligarh, India, a Muslim who offers salat regularly has very little chance of getting arthritis as we exercise our bones and joints while we offer salat.In the light of this Hadith we shall endeavor to describe some orthopedic benefits of salat in this short note.

1. Regular exercise reduces cholesterol in the body. Cholesterol causes heart failures, strokes, diabetes and many other ailments. It is a known fact that people in professions where exercise is required have less amount of cholesterol in their bodies. Read more

Faith and common sense: Bikini or headscarf -- which offers more freedom?


Ahmadiyya Times readers appreciate the efforts of O, The Oprah Magazine and CNN to bring about the heartwarming stories of moms for whom the Holy Founder of Islam, on whom be peace, reported to have said that paradise lies under the feet of the mother. We believe that in publishing such stories, the O, CNN and Krista Bremer perpetuate goodness.

Ahmadiyya Times | News Staff | Cross-post
Source: O, The Oprah Magazine
Credit: CNN Living | CNN News
By Krista Bremer | June 9, 2010

(  -- Nine years ago, I danced my newborn daughter around my North Carolina living room to the music of "Free to Be...You and Me", the '70s children's classic whose every lyric about tolerance and gender equality I had memorized as a girl growing up in California.
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Keep Hayaa while traveling [
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The Difference between Culture and Religion - Khalifatul Masih IV (rh)  [Read more]


Religious Knowledge Workbook – Level II 
Workbook for our youth.  Age appropriate religious educational materials.
Download here: pdf]