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Khidmat-e-Khalq (Social Services) Department


To provide maximum service to the poor, helpless and needy without any discrimination of race, religion or nationality. Khidmat-e-Khalq, or the social services department, is focused on internally helping one another in the Ahmadiyya Community, as well as external outreach to the surrounding communities. This is achieved through prayers, community service, donations, volunteer work and advocacy. Khidmat-e-Khalq, or social welfare, is an integral part of our worship. 

What's New In Khidmat-e-Khalq

 ‘Build Your Ark': Disaster Prep Zoom (Video + PPTs)

Here’s the link  to the Zoom recording of our Disaster Prep Class held on 12/19. You'll find resource links on slide 17 & 18 which we shared during the class. You can also see the full slide deck at this link .

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Build Your Ark (pptBuild the Ark 

National Umur Amma

Frequently Asked Vaccine Questions

Covid Vaccine


Employment/Financial Assistance/Miscellaneous Resources

Applying for unemployment benefits and Insurance, and the claim forms.
CARES Act provides benefits for most Americans dealing with the fallout from the pandemic.
Job Search.Dozens of Job Openings links by major companies seeking workers.
Financial Support. [download the resource guide]

On April 23rd, 2020, we embarked upon the Make a Mask initiative. Our goal was to organize as Lajna members and work together collectively to mass produce masks as a team.  We would then distribute those masks to our community and throughout our country as Ahmadis. 

 We partnered with Humanity First to identify singular cities to donate one half of the handmade masks.   The intent behind this effort was to have a concentrated impact of generativity and generosity infused into a community that was hard hit by the corona virus, Covid-19.

On June 13th, 2020, National Sadr Lajna, Dhiya Bakr Sahiba, along with sister Samina Noor, National Handicraft Secretary and members of Humanity First, visited one such city, Chicago, Illinois.  Thousands of face coverings/masks that you pain- stakingly and loving stitched together, before Ramadhan, during Ramadhan and beyond Ramadhan were donated to the Chicago area at large.  Representatives from various organizations came out to pick up masks for their needy populations.  Alhamdulillah!

The footage from the Chicago donation of our masks.

Refugee Resettlement Guidance

To date, about twenty women of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community have made 1,226 masks and 37 surgical caps so far. We have donated to the homeless, farmers, neighbors, teachers and doctors in need of protective gear on behalf of Humanity First, a non-profit organization ( Baskets were installed in front of homes giving away free masks to neighbors. The response has been of boundless gratitude and the ladies got something too: the satisfaction of giving help to others in times of need that aligns seamlessly with our core values of Islam.
Samar Munir
Lajna Silicon Valley


During the current coronavirus crisis, Khuddam have been reaching out to the elderly and vulnerable both within the Jamaat and outside the Jamaat to find out if anyone is in need of help.


 Organize ' One Warm Coat' drives in all the majalis, from December 2019 to January 2020.   


We all have gently used warm coats that we would willingly part with this winter so someone without a coat can have one! ...[read more]


Step 1:

  • Prior to filling out an application as a volunteer, identify the Title 1 school you would like to serve.
  • The list for schools in a demographic area can be found through Google. Search for schools in your county, for example: “Title 1 Schools in Duval County”
  • Choose a few schools you would be interested in volunteering at, as your first choice may not be available. [Read more

Cassandra Shafeek 

Humbly Serving as National Khidmat-e-khalq Secretary Lajna USA


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