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Majlis-e Shura 2012


 Alhamdulillah! Majlis-e Shura - 2012 for Lajna Ima'illah - USA concluded on Sunday at Masjid Mahmood Detroit, MI 


Shura, 2012 (Non Shura Session Presentations)

Closing Address - Saliha Malik, Sadr Lajna Ima'illah USA

Follow the model of the Holy Prophetsaws the peace maker:

  • “Repel evil with that which is best. And lo, he between whom and thyself was enmity will become as though he were a warm friend.” 41:35

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Tarbiyat Department


  • Responsibilities of an Ahmadi woman and girl.
  • Status of an Ahmadi woman
  • Importance of self analysis
  • Importance of Salat ...

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Local Sadrs Training Quiz, Responsibilities & Transitioning


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  • Website up since 10/2009
  • Communications
  • Submission Protocol
  • Lajna Official Email Accounts
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  • Email Acknowledgements 

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Promised Messiah (as) said:

  • ‘The Breaking of the Cross’ in the traditions of the Holy Prophet (saw) means an English magazine: The Review of Religions, which has been started.
  • The Review of Religions has begun to influence many hearts. If,God forbid, this magazine ceases to exist as a result of a lack of interest of this community then this would be a cause for mourning for the community.
  • Therefore, I urge the sincere members of my community to provide as much support and financial assistance as may be possible for them... [Read more]




Role of Diet Stress and Cell Phone Use in Cancer & Cancer Prevention

  • Cancer is a preventable disease
  • By choosing the right diet, we can drastically decrease chances of getting cancer...[Read more]