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10-12 & 13-15



Khutbah Quiz 

 7 - 9
Friday Sermon Nasirat Weekly Quiz (Ages 7-9)

10 - 12
Friday Sermon Nasirat Weekly Quiz (Ages 10-12)  

13 - 15

Friday Sermon Nasirat Weekly Quiz (Ages 13-15)


The Modified Nasirat Syllabus Fall 2020 




Dear respected Sadraat and Nasirat Secretaries, I pray that this message finds you all in good health, by the Grace of Allah. Ameen.

With the direction from our respected Sadr Sahiba, we are adjusting our Nasirat syllabus and program for the remaining year since Jamaat is requesting for auxiliaries to join Tahir Academy on Taleem and Tarbiyyat. Now, the Nasirat syllabus and program is set to focus on financial sacrifice and activities. Attached is the Zion Mosque Powerpoint presentation and lesson plan activities; we have added as much detail as we could for ideas in the lesson plan, but you can adjust the plan to fit the needs and interests of the local chapter.

 If you have any questions, please contact me.  
 Let us pray that Allah may grant us the ability to fulfill our task in guiding our Nasirat-ul-Ahmadiyya. Ameen.


Humbly requesting your prayers,
Nurjamilah Bahri
National Nasirat Secretary 

Lajna Ima'illah USA
309-336-0302 (C)

309-807-5258 (H)

"One particle of faith is better than a thousand volumes of philosophy"- The Promised Messiah

(Essence of Islam Vol. 3, page 51)

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We are happy to share that the new WORKBOOK 2019-2021 is available online.



The Power-point presentation by the National Nasirat Department.

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Tabligh with her artwork - GA/SC Nasira won in middle school category.  

ICM (Interfaith Children's movement) with whom we are working had an art contest and one of GA/SC Nasira won in middle school category. 

ICM in their monthly newsletter mentioned Sabahat Pall. Insha Allah her work will also be displayed at the January 22nd event in Cobb where Lajna (Ahmadiyya Muslim community) will be one of the participating community. 

The most proud moment is that her work will be on all ICM literature in 2015 legislature work and on ICM day at Georgia capitol. She is doing awesome Tabligh with her artwork. Masha Allah. [Read more]



Pilgrimage (Hajj) to Mecca: 

An Introduction (English)


Hajj (Pilgrimage) - Fifth Pillar of Islam: 

Short Documentary (Urdu)

Chicago Northwest - Nasirat

The Chicago Northwest Nasirat has began monthly Yoga classes as a part of their Sihat-e-Jismani activities. On Saturday, February 16th, the first Yoga class was held.[Read more]

Picture credit: Clip Art

An educational class with Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (may Allah be his Helper) with Lajna and Nasirat members of the Waqfe Nau scheme.