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South Region of Lajna Ima'illah USA consists of five Local Majalis. By the grace of Allah South Region plays an active role to host many Jama'at / Lajna National, Regional and Local events. South Region once again had the honor to hold 2009, Mentoring Meeting in Houston North. 

Individual efforts, events and highlights of all Majalis will be posted on this page.

The Region consists of the following Majalis: 

1. LA-New Orleans 2. TX-Austin
3. TX-Dallas  4. TX-Fort Worth





What's New in the Region?




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South Region Meena Bazar, Saturday, April 16, 2016

A Regional Meena Bazar was held to give Majalis an opportunity

to have a variety of wares like food, clothing, jewelry, henna and other health related services/tips.
There were two kinds of fundraising:

By Majalis
By Vendors [Read more]


South Region Ijtema 2016 Report

April 16-17, 2016


South Regionsuccessfully held their 25th annual Lajna and Nasirat Ijtemaon the theme: “IAM AHMADI”at Baitus Samee Mosque, Houston TX....[Read more]


“Jihad-e-Akbar – The Road to Self-Reformation”
South Region Ijtema successfully held their 24th annual Lajna and Nasirat Ijtemaon the theme: Jihade Akbar – the road to self-reformation a tBaitus Samee Mosque, Houston TX on April 18-19, 2015.  There were 200 Lajna members and
70 Nasirat from 7 Majalis (Austin, Cypress Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston North, Houston South and New Orleans)in attendance. National Secretary Nasirat, Laeeqa Mirza Sahiba presided over the event....[Read more]


Fort Worth Health Expo and Interfaith Symposium

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Lajna Ima'illah Women’s Auxiliary hosted a Women’s Health and Wellness Interfaith Expo at Tarrant County College on Monday 27th October 2014. The Expo attracted a diverse population of women from different religions, cultures, creeds and races it was a true representation of our mission of unity in diversity...[Read more]



Nasirat Dallas Trip to Perot Museum of Natural Science Dallas Jun 2013
On June 13th 2013 Dallas Nasirat went on a fun filled trip to the Dallas Perot Museum of Natural Science. In this four story museum they went on a "Journey through the Solar
System", a bone rattling ride on an" Earth quake platform" and a voyage deep down into the earth to experience what it takes to dig for natural gas...[Read more]

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Lajna Dallas held a meena bazaar!

Dallas Lajna held their second annual Meena Bazaar on June 1st 2013. We had a wonderful turned out! We again had a wonderful mouth watering menu, thanks to all generous Lajna members who cooked and donated the food. The aroma of chappli kebabs, seekh kebabs, aloo chana chaat, samosa, roasted chicken, and haleem filled the halls of our masjid, making everyone's mouth water. .. [Read more]

Quran Exibition on May 4th @ Plano Asia Festival

Lajna Dallas had the opportunity to take part at a stall during the Plano Asia Festival that happened in Plano, TX on May 4th 2013. There were many other religious & cultural organizations present at the festival. We handed out various fliers and books including Holy Quran with English and Spanish translation, several copies of “Life of Muhammad”, Jesus in India, several copies of “Muslims Sunrise”, few copies of “Review of Religion”, CDs of Holy Quran recitation, Fliers including Ahmadiyyat, Jihad,  Muslims for loyalty, Muslims for Life, Muslims for Peace, and the True Teachings of Islam. .. [Read more]


Oklahoma Disaster Relief Donation Drive Held by Lajna Dallas

After the devastating tornado in May 2013 that ripped through Moore OK, Dallas lajna

members quickly mobilized themselves to provide whatever help and support they could…[Read more]

Dallsa Texas - Lajna Tarbiyat and Khidm-e Khalq Activites


Lajna Tarbiyat Camp 


 Nasirat Tarbiyat Camp

 Lajna Dallas worked for Humanity First


 Tarbiyat Camp - special session for Lajna (Ages 15-25)

Dallsa Texas - Lajna Tabligh Activites

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Dallas chapter was recognized at the 8th annual Unity Day USA service at Unity Church in Dallas, Texas on September 11th 2012. About 100 people gathered to remember the lives lost on 9/11 and to symbolize the importance of tolerance for all faiths and backgrounds. The Unity Day USA service honored two communities this year - the Sikh faith in the aftermath of massacre in Wisconsin and also the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and their Muslims for Life campaign, whose goal is to collect donations of 11,000 units of blood as a September 11th remembrance. In the words of the Unity Day event coordinator, Mr. Mike Ghouse, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community was honored “for their work towards building a cohesive America.” [Read more]

Click to Listen to the Audio Interview

Dallsa Texas - Muslims Promote Peace On 9-11 Anniversary

“I pray for my family- my parents, my children-that they will live a life that is free from any hatred,” Mahood explained. Mahmood dresses in the traditional black hijab which covers her head and a long, loose fitting dress called an abaya. She studies the teachings of the Qur’an and the Prophet Muhammad. But unlike most traditional Muslims, Mahmood belongs to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, which also believes a Messiah came to reinforce Islam’s message of peace. [Read more]

21st South Region Lajna Ima’illah & Nasirat Ul Ahmadiyya Ijtema Report
“Choosing Islam when culture disagrees”

Alhamdolillah, our 21st Regional Ijtema (June 2-3, 2012) and 1st Regional Nasiraat Camp (June 3-6, 2012) at Baitus Samee Houston TX were very successful. We started planning for both events with prayers and wrote letter to Huzoor requesting his prayers. We sent Ijtema and camp programs and syllabi to National sadr sahiba for approval.
By the Grace of Allah, we had a very good attendance, as Ijtem’aat for all auxiliaries took place the same weekend at Baitus Samee Mosque. We were able to start program on time, conducted and completed all Ijtema activities and concluded Ijtemaat on time.

[Read more] 



Lajna Dallas held a meena bazaar!

 Lajna Dallas held a meena bazaar on Jan 29th 2012, it was a great success, with over 80 Lajna & 15 Nasirat members attending this event we raised $1550.00!  Everyone worked hard to prepare for this event; members made phone calls asking for donations, sent out reminder emails, and cooked wonderful food to be sold.

We had hot with just the right spices haleem, sizzling kebabs, aloo kebabs, savory chicken roast, fresh naan, aloo chart with mint chutney, tamarind chutney, hot steaming chicken corn soup, perfect for the cold day!  And the best part dessert -  we had gulab jamin, homemade vanilla cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate cake, and  light fluffy vanilla pineapple cake with just the right touch of sweetness.   Our handicraft secretary hand crocheted hair bands, hair clips, and hair scrungies, which were also donated.  We had stalls for jewelry and shawaar kameez,  which were very successful in selling.

During the Meena Bazaar there were other activities to enjoy. The children played carnival games such as ring toss, knock the cups down, toss the balls into the cups, and pin the nose on the clown.  We had face painting, and henna application.  Prizes of candies were given out to those who played the carnival games.  Lajna and Nasirat all had a wonderful time shopping, eating, playing, and socializing, and if weren't for their participation and for the volunteers who helped this  event wouldn't have been such a success!

Requesting your prayers. JazakAllah


Amtul Rahim Shaikh
Sadr Lajna Imaillah Dallas Tx

Dallas Majlis has shared many delicious recipes. Please click and enjoy the Lajna Cuisine:

HUMMUS & Toasted Pita Chips 

Cappuccino Ricotta 

 Toasted Pound Cake w/ Citrus Cream



"Allah will raise those who believe from among you, and those whome knowledge is given, to degree of rank." (Almujadalah 58:12)

Alhamdolillah South Region Youth Camp  went very well.



Alhamdolillah, South Regional Youth Camp turned out to be a very special opportunity not only for youth but also for everyone who was involved helping out in variety of ways.

By the Grace & Mercy of Allah all Items on Agenda for Friday, Saturday & Sunday were completed making an effort to understand  "How can we truly follow Allah's Commandments". 
 [Read more