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Southeast Region of Lajna Ima'illah USA consists of five Local Majalis. By the grace of Allah Southeast Region plays an active role to host many Jama'at / Lajna National, Regional and Local events.

Individual efforts, events and highlights of the Majalis will be posted on this page.

The Region consists of the following Majalis: 

1. NC-Charlotte 2. NC-Research Triangle
  3. GA-SC  4. FL-Miami 
5. FL-Orlando 6.  

JalsaSeerat-un-Nabi (saw)

RTNC Lajna&Nasirat

On November 1st 2015, RTNC Lajna held Jalsa Seerat-un-Nabi (saw).  Lajna 15-25 helped with preparations.  Lajna invited several outside guests of various religious backgrounds to this event.  3 guests, one non-Ahmadi Muslim and two from Christian faith along with 25Lajna and 10 Nasirat attended. ...[Read more]


BOOK CLUB / TABLIGH EVENT - RTNC – March 7th, 2015

On March 7th, 2015, RTNC Lajna held their bi-annual book club / Tabligh event with the United Methodist Church Women’s group.  Seven Lajna members (including three Lajna 15-25), 5 church members, and 2 non-Ahmadi Muslim women attended the book club.  There were three new members who attended the book club for the first time, Alhamdullilah: one church member and the two non-Ahmadi Muslims.  [Read more]

Tabligh with her artwork - GA/SC Nasira won in middle school category.  

ICM (Interfaith Children's movement) with whom we are working had an art contest and one of GA/SC Nasira won in middle school category. 

ICM in their monthly newsletter mentioned Sabahat Pall. Insha Allah her work will also be displayed at the January 22nd event in Cobb where Lajna (Ahmadiyya Muslim community) will be one of the participating community. 

The most proud moment is that her work will be on all ICM literature in 2015 legislature work and on ICM day at Georgia capitol. She is doing awesome Tabligh with her artwork. Masha Allah. [Read more]

“Path to Peace”
Charlotte, NC Interfaith Banquet

By the Grace of Allah Almighty, Charlotte Lajna members participated with the local Jama’at to hold a very successful Interfaith Banquet on March 22, 2014. This is the third year of Charlotte Jama’at hosting this event with different participants and speakers...[Read more]

The Food Bank was initiated by the Charlotte Jama’at in January 2012 and Lajna took over running it immediately. All Lajna members and their families take turns volunteering to help run the Food Bank. Local Lajna Sadr serves as President of the Food Bank and is always there to train Lajna members how to manage the shelves, fill the bags, as well as how to communicate with the people being served. A fixed, monthly schedule has been made for up to a year for volunteers; at least 2 to 3 Lajna and Nasirat members are always on hand to help local Sadr, including Lajna members with children under the age of 7... [Read more]  

Research Triangle Lajna organized two successful blood drives:

On September 11 from 12pm-5pm at UNC Chapel Hill University 145 E Cameron Ave Chapel Hill, NC Lajna organized and participated in this drive from beginning to end. 6 Lajna  members volunteered.  


Alhumdolillah the blood drive went well considering there were many technical problems and failures with the blood mobile itself. 


We had 50 people registered and ended by collecting 37 units.  


150+ pamphlets, 1 Life of Muhammed (saw), 50-70 Muslims for Life t-shirts, 40 mugs, 20 pens and a few 'I love Muhammad' hats were handed out. Snacks water and drinks were also provided. 

On September 23 from 10am-2:30pm at Meridith Collage 3800 Hillsborough St Raleigh Lajna organized and participated in this drive from the beginning to the end as well. 5 Lajna and 1 Nasirat volunteered

We had a great turn out for this blood drive and had a full sheet of appointments 52 people registered and we collected 41 units, MashaAllah.

30+ fliers, 50 mugs, 50+ t- shirts, 30 pens, 30 'I love Muhammed' hats and 6 'Life of Muhammed' books were distributed. Snacks water and drinks were also provided.

Two Lajna members also volunteered in the Jama'at organized blood drive, which took place on September 6th and in which 28 pints were collected.


East Coast Lajna & Nasirat Ijtema, 2013

The Central region is hosting the East Coast Ijtema 2013 at Baitur Rehman Mosque in Silver Spring, Maryland, InshaAllah, from Friday, September 13th to Sunday, September 15th. The program will begin at 4:00 PM and conclude on Sunday at 1:30 PM. We have planned various spiritual and thought inspiring presentations, workshops, and relaxing activities for Lajna and Nasirat. [Read more]

Lajna - Orlando, FL

Raising awareness about the ‘Script your Future’ campaign, February 2013

An Orlando, FL Lajna member (a student at the School of Pharmacy, Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine) had an opportunity to help organize and to volunteer at the Manatee County Health Fair as part of the “Script Your Future” campaign. This campaign is an ongoing effort to raise awareness about medication adherence as a critical public health issue. Almost three out of four Americans are not taking their medications as they need to be...[Read more] 


East Coast Lajna & Nasirat Ijtema, 2012

Alhamdulillah! The East Coast Ijtema concluded at Bai’t-ur-Rehman Mosque in Silver Spring, MD on Sunday, September 2nd. By the grace of Allah the Ijtema was a great success. [Read more]

Community Participates in Health Fair

The women’s auxiliary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community [Georgia] held a free community health fair at the Ocee Library in Johns Creek on Saturday.

“The community offers such wonderful opportunities for us to benefit from and to take steps towards a healthier life. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association wanted to give back to the community as our appreciation,” said Rehana Khan, Health Fair Coordinator. [Read more]

Source: JohnsCreekPatch



Georgia Lajna invited the reporter from Gwinnett Daily Post to learn how to cook Chicken Tikka Masala.

Everyone knows that I love Indian food, right? Well, the word got out to my friends over at the Baitul Baqi Mosque in Norcross and the Georgia Women's Chapter of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community invited me out to teach me this recipe — it was amazing! I can't wait to go back and learn other recipes ... if they'll have me!


    2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
    1 teaspoon Kosher salt
    1 teaspoon ground coriander
    1 teaspoon ground cumin
    1/4 cup plain yogurt


Source: Gwinnett daily post

 "This is a great idea to open more doors!" (National. Secretary Ziafat)



Lajna Orlando - FL Khidmate Khalq Activities

Alhamdullilah! Along with our regular donations of money inside and outside the Jama’at, non-perishable food to the homeless and providing help and support to fellow majlis members as needed, one of our members was able to give her time and skills as follows:

  • One member organized a "Script Your Future" Campaign event at Sarasota Senior Friendship Centre in which she provided Senior Citizens with tools and resources to use in order to adhere to their medications.  [Read more]


November 2011 Khidmate Khalq activities of Orlando, FL Majlis

Operation Diabetes: As a co-chair for this project, one member provided thorough training to volunteers of the clinical aspects of screening for diabetes in preparation for the ‘Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes’ event at the University of South Florida. Her group provided free glucose screening, information about the signs and symptoms of diabetes, and provided a ‘Diabetes Risk Screening Test’ to everyone. Approximately 157 walkers were screened [Read more]

GA / SC - Waqar-e Amal

After Waqar-e-amal, our Mosque was looking newer and cleaner as ever! We moved the big cabinet that was inside the children’s room to the kitchen. That sure made a dif-ference! Also, we built a rack to hang our coats in the kids room where the big cabinet used to be. Other then that, we vacuumed, mopped, washed, and soon after that our Mosque was shining! :) [Read more]

Miami Rescue Mission recently awarded a plaque to Lajna Imaillah Miami for its voluteering/donations during the 2010 Holiday Season.

The award presented by Miami Rescue Mission is a tribute to ALL the members of Miami Lajna who have contributed generously towards their adopted shelter, Broward Outreach Center (a Division of Miami Recue Mission). This could not have been possible without everyone pitching in with utter dedication, humility and extreme generosity.  [
Read more]


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