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The similitude of those who spend their wealth for the cause of Allah is like the similitude of a grain of corn which grows seven ears, in each ear a hundred grains. And Allah multiplies it further for whomsoever He pleases; and Allah is Bountiful, All-Knowing” (2:262)


Our goal is 100% participation. Therefore all Lajnat, Nasirat & children under 7 years of age should be encouraged to contribute to this scheme no matter how nominal it may be.



What's New In Tehrik-e- Jadid

 Important Guidelines for Lajna Local Sadrs and Local Tehrik-e-Jadid Secretaries.


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 Sacrifice - A Prerequisite to Seek Love of God, Tehrik e Jadid New Year

'Never shall you attain to righteousness unless you spend out of that which you love; and whatever you spend, Allah surely knows it well.' (3:93)

Every believer wishes to attain Divine nearness by doing good and God draws the attention of believers in the aforementioned verse that if you wish to do good to seek God's pleasure then remember doing good requires sacrifice. Sacrifice of that which one loves, which benefits one, which brings one comfort, which in one's eyes is a source to better the future of one's children. ... [Read more]

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